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E24 Fuel Pre-Pump Replacement

Cost: Depends on parts being replaced, if any.
Pros: Fairly easy repair, No more fuel smell after refilling, More accurate fuel gauge, Car actually starts (depends on malady)
Cons: You will smell like gas for a bit
Time: ~1.5 hours

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I started this project to try to correct problems with my gas gauge. I would never quite read full after filling up…and after I ran out of gas before the reserve light had lit, I decide to spend the $100 or so and spring for a new fuel sending unit and set of gaskets.

However, like many, I was also experiencing a strong gas smell after fill-ups. This is usually a condition of a leaking pre-pump gasket which I was planning to replace. Fortunately I was replacing other parts. As it turns out, my pre-pump gasket was not that bad and appeared to not be leaking. In my case, the leaking was probably caused by loose pre-pump attaching bolts. Therefore, if you are only trying to track down a fuel smell, and particularly if you know work was previous performed in this area, you may simply follow the instructions until the instruction advised otherwise.

To minimize the amount of fuel spilled, you should start this project with less than half a tank of fuel. I would hope that I would not need to remind anyone that, this is not a job you wanna be doing with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth; Nor do you want to try inspecting the gas tank with your lighter.

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